BlueSpot 4 PCE Buffing Compound Set

Product Code: 19023
The BlueSpot 4 PCE Buffing Compound Set contains 56g of each type and is suitable for use on a wide range of materials. The tripoli (brown) buffing compound is ideal for removing surface imperfections on brass, aluminium, pewter and other non-ferrous metals. The emery (black) buffing compound is for coarse buffing to remove scratches, rust and corrosion, and to de-burr stainless steel and other hard metals. The white buffing compound can be used on all metals to remove scratches and to obtain a highly reflective finish. The jewellers' (red) buffing compound is for fine polishing of gold, silver and other precious metals.
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of materials
  • Tripoli for removing imperfections in non ferrous metals
  • Emery for coarse buffing and de-burring
  • White for a high shine finish
  • Red for fine polishing of precious metals
Package Height 2.50 cm
Package Length 16.00 cm
Package Width 14.00 cm
Weight 0.2600 kg
Barcode 5028734190236
Inner Package Contains 5 units
Case Package Contains 10 units
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