BlueSpot Import

For many years the buyers and directors at BlueSpot have built strong relationships with a number of companies and factories, building up a high level of trust and gathering information to make us good at what we do. Not only do we work with our contacts to develop and grow the BlueSpot range of products, we consistently work on improving the quality of the products, the information on our packaging and the way in which you receive information from us as a company. We have the strength and ability to source new products using various trusted sources and this allows us to offer this service to you, our customer. Any product you enquire about, we will source and offer you competitive prices on volume quantities, direct from our most trusted suppliers. This could be in the form of mail order packaging or if you use your own brand, we can arrange and co-ordinate to have this applied and approved before shipment. We can ship with our own stock and deliver to you on arrival, or arrange full containers to be shipped directly to you. Shipping costs will be included in our price. Please contact Dave Bell, Head of Imports, via to discuss your own brand requirements.


BlueSpot Supply 

We supply many national companies with the BlueSpot range or their own branded tools. We manage everything from sourcing the product, to handling artwork and production samples and deliver to set deadlines and individual stores. Some of our customers include Toolbank, Machine Mart, W Boyes & Co and TK Maxx. 


BlueSpot Brand

The BlueSpot brand was developed in 2001 by the Chairman, Mike Coward. The BlueSpot range has gone from strength to strength and the company has expanded as a result.  BlueSpot Tools is a quality brand brought to retailers and wholesalers at  competitive prices, enabling all our customers to offer great prices to their own customers. The range covers the most popular DIY, Automotive, Lighting, Home, Garden and Household products which we feel will help increase the sales for our customers. We pride ourselves on a complete core product range, high stock availability, excellent levels of customer service and competitive pricing. All new customers are allocated to one of our highly competent sales team who ensure that all orders and queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. We believe that offering such a service ensures our customers can always speak to their representative which enables us to offer the customer the best deals, promotions, new products and general sales advice for the products we have. You will not be passed round unfamiliar call centres or have to explain your business requirements each time you call.


BlueSpot Export

BlueSpot are able to export stock outside the UK, on pallets or mixed or full containers. This can be BlueSpot products or own branded products. BlueSpot have strong transport links worldwide, or if preferred, we can work alongside your own transport company. We can support distributors across the globe with a fantastic range of tools, excellent service and strong stock availability.

For further information on any of the above, please call 0800 093 0115 or e-mail if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your requirements.