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“Keep up the good work and fantastic service” - Gary

“BlueSpot's helpful and friendly staff,  increasing range and website makes ordering a breeze" - Steve

“I like the ability to start an order, log out; log back in again later and finish the order. The items in the basket from the last visit are still there. This allows you to add items as stock runs low, but wait till the order reaches post free level before placing an order” - Kevin

“We are more than happy to continue using BlueSpot on a regular basis, as we have done over the past few years, as deliveries are always fast and products very affordable” - Danny 

“Although at present we only have a couple of lines from BlueSpot, the service we have received has been fantastic, the prices are good and delivery quick. We did have one issue of damaged goods, not due to BlueSpot, but from the carriers bad handling. The goods were collected and exchanged without any fuss. We would recommend you without hesitation” - Brian

"Its nice to know that there are other companies like ourselves that offer that extra bit of customer satisfaction." - Dave

"The customer service you provide is really good. All the staff I have spoken with have been really friendly and helpful, which means a lot to me, and I know my business is appreciated even though I am only a small fish in the tool industry." - Elaine